African Medical Centre of Excellence

African Medical Center Of Excellence (AMCE)

Our goal is to make a decisive impact on non-communicable disease (NCD) care in West Africa by providing  world-class clinical services complemented by an education and research programme.


African Export Import Bank

(“Afreximbank”, the “Sponsor” or the “Bank) is a multilateral trade finance institution established in 1993 with operations in Egypt, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

The Bank has commenced plans to develop a 500-bed, world-class African Medical Centre of Excellence (“AMCE” or the “Centre”) in Abuja, Nigeria which will offer a full spectrum of medical services in oncology, cardiology and haematology along with world- class research, education and development capabilities

The AMCE will provide world-class care to both low and high-income patients groups while demonstrating a viable model for quality healthcare in Africa


The AMCE will offer end-to-end care, while driving improved clinical management through research and training


Diagnostic Services


Oncology & Hematology

Diagnostic Services


General Healthcare Services

Diagnostic Services


West Africa suffers from a severe supply shortage of healthcare infrastructure and resources. The outbreak of COVID-19 has further highlighted this challenge.

Key Project Partners

Clinical and Medical Partner

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Established in 1840 | 13500 staff | 1500 Beds | 1 million patient contacts a year. 

Liver disease and transplantation – Largest liver transplant programme in Europe.

Neurosciences – Largest paediatric Deep Brain Stimulation service in the world.

Cardiac – Largest non-invasive echo department in Europe.

Haemato-oncology – Largest bone marrow transplant programme in the UK.

Stroke – Holds two of only eight specialist stroke centres across London.

Major trauma – One of only four Major Trauma Centres in London.

Fetal Medicine – The Harris Birthright Unit at King’s is one of the largest fetal medicine units of its kind in the world

Project Management Consultant

Bovell Ross Project Management (BRPM) is a leading construction project management consulting firm in Africa. Some of its projects in Nigeria include Admiralty Hospital, Twin Lakes, Oando Wings Complex, Circle Mall etc. They have a presence in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Malawi and Angola.

Design Consultant

DAR provides planning, design, management and consultancy for several projects worldwide with full scale operations across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. A few of its most prominent projects include; the Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre and Polytechnic Superior Institute of Luanda, among others


Project Timeline

The Centre will be fully developed in 4 phases over a 6-year time frame

Phase 1

  • Launch 170-bed specialist hospital - Development on a 34,500 square metre plot of land, multi-floor building
  • Outpatient section hosting radiation therapy, chemotherapy and vascular laboratory, and rehabilitation facilities
  • Inpatient ward area with a 14-bed ICU unit, 4 Operating Theatres and a bone marrow transplant center
  • Diagnostic center providing imaging, electrophysiology, nuclear medicine, endoscopy, pathology, molecular testing services
  • Construction expected to take 24 months
Year 1

Phase 2

  • Expand Complex operations - Commence retail, academic and residential developments in partnership with property management and network partners
Year 2

Phase 3

  • Plan upgrade to 500-bed facility. Expansion efforts to be driven by market demands and future trends in healthcare access in West Africa
Year 4

Phase 4

  • Establish clinical research section and embed ongoing professional development programs
  • Gain accreditation as a CPD provider for clinical training in the specialty area
  • Details for clinical research function to be finalised post consultations with pharmaceutical and research partners
Year 6